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2023: A Year of Breaking Limits & Braving Adventure

by Ana zhou on
Join us as we look back on a year of action! From introducing cutting-edge sports and outdoor smartwatches, to upgrading the user experience for our global community of athletes, to taking on marathons around the world with Team Amazfit, 2023 has been a year to remember. And we're just getting started...

Cast your mind back to March 2023. As the season changed from the cold of winter to the new life of Spring, we set the tone for a year of braving new challenges by unleashing the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra. The ultimate outdoor GPS smartwatch, the T-Rex Ultra not only packed a wealth of advanced sports and outdoor features, but was itself packed into our first ever 100% environmentally friendly packaging box.

advanced sports

Made with biodegradable card, plastic and ink, this eco-friendly packaging was Amazfit's first major step on our sustainability journey, and was brought back for the launch of our Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue Special Edition in June.

Launched on World Ocean Day 2023, this Special Edition smartwatch was launched in collaboration with Coral Guardian - a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore coral ecosystems. With this partnership, we, along with everyone who purchased this special smartwatch, contributed to the biodiversity and balance of the oceans through donations made via the sale of each Ocean Blue T-Rex 2.

T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue

And later in June, it was time to start Breaking Limits with a whole new series, as the Amazfit Cheetah Series raced off the starting line. Built for runners around the world, this series of lightweight professional running watches brought industry-leading GPS accuracy and personalized training guidance - courtesy of the AI-powered Zepp Coach™, which was enhanced with the new ability to generate tailored running plans.

Amazfit Cheetah series


In terms of feature updates, these new additions to the Amazfit Performance Series and Adventure Series have been consistently updated all year long.

In February, we introduced the Offline Maps feature, which debuted on the Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra, before making its way onto the Cheetah Series to help runners navigate their running routes with even greater precision.

In March, Zepp Coach™ added an AI Chat feature in the Zepp App. This unique personal coach understood your training history and physical characteristics - as recorded in the Zepp App - and could therefore provide Q&A feedback that was tailored to you.

In August, the Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex 2 received a huge power-up, becoming compatible with the Zepp OS 2.0. A major upgrade, this enhanced OS refreshed the experience for old users and provided new users with the best starting position.

Along with this, the Surfing sports mode was strengthened to bring a better experience to everyone who loves to brave the waves - while Offline Maps were also optimized to support the download of maps in multiple areas, further enhancing the ' experience and efficiency.

Zepp OS 2.0

In November, Offline Maps evolved to support over 10,000 ski resort maps worldwide, giving everyone who loves winter sports the ultimate boost ahead of the ski season. But it wasn't only the skiing enthusiasts who got something new; the Amazfit Cheetah Series also gave all of you runners out there a level-up, when it was updated with the new running power function.

We're always listening to your feedback so we can provide the best features and enhance your experience. So remember, if you need us, follow us on social media and join our Facebook Sports and Outdoor communities, and let us know!

2023 also saw the birth of Team Amazfit. This exciting new global team recruited elite athletes to complete the journey of five major marathons around the world, with the team given a boost with the Amazfit Cheetah Pro running watch.

Team Amazfit Boston

On the 17th of April, Team Amazfit took on the Boston Marathon.

Jeremy Vrentas, a member of Team Amazfit, said: "What keeps me running is and will always be the motivation to set an example for my kids, to inspire others, and to push myself to keep getting better every day". You can see more of the story here.

Team Amazfit London

On the 23rd of April, at the prestigious London Marathon, Team Amazfit made us proud again!

On July 27th, Team Amazfit took on the San Francisco Marathon, led by the ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes!


On the 1st and 2nd of September, a special Team Amazfit team ran in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China, with all members of the team from within Zepp Health, completing the 142km cross-country relay event in 12 hours and 30 minutes.



Team Amazfit finished the Berlin Marathon on the 24th of September.


On October 29th, the Beijing Marathon kicked off and Team Amazfit team members achieved excellent results, with a number of team members achieving PRs.



On November 5th, German long-distance runner and Hannover Marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer and other Team Amazfit members ran the New York City Marathon, once again utilizing the Amazfit Cheetah Pro professional running.


On the 26th of November, we also formed an 11-member Team Amazfit to race in Shanghai.

About TeamAmazfit


Since forming in early 2023, Team Amazfit has recruited elite runners from around the world to take on the world's top marathons - accompanied by Amazfit sports watches that helped them break their limits. But we're not limited to professionals; everyday athletes who show great dedication and have demonstrated success in their sport have the opportunity to join our team as well.

We provide our team members with the latest high-performance professional running watches, such as the Amazfit Cheetah Pro, along with high-performance wind-tunnel racing vests, and technical support from the Amazfit product team.

So whether you've had marathon experience, or just love running and want to start challenging yourself at a higher level, please contact us at and see if Team Amazfit is right for you!

In 2024 and beyond, we look forward to expanding Team Amazfit as more athletes join us in Breaking Limits.


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