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Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition
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Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Limited Edition

Smart Health Made Easy

Built to Inspire

Premium Artistic Design | Ultra HD AMOLED Display
24H Easy Health Management | Powerful Zepp OS & App-support | 12-day Battery Life

Premium Artistic Design

Ultra HD AMOLED Display | Classic Navigation Crown | Hand-polished Stainless Steel Body

Powerful Zepp OS

Smooth Interaction | Enriched App Ecosystem

BioTrackerTM PPG 3.0 Biometric Sensor

Monitoring of Blood-oxygen, Heart Rate, Stress Levels & Sleep | Test 4 Health Metrics in 1 Tap | PAI Health Assessment System

Live the Hands-free Lifestyle

Alexa Built-in & Offline Voice Assistant | Music Storage & Playback | Bluetooth Phone Calls

A Next-level Fitness Partner

150+ Built-in Sports Modes | Smart Recognition of 8 Sports | PeakBeatsTM Workout Status Algorithm | 5 Satellite Navigation Systems

12-day Battery Life

Artistic Design
Influenced by the Bauhaus movement, the Amazfit GTR 3 ProLimited Edition is the ultimate fusion of classic style and modern fashion. The hand-polished round watch body is crafted with sleek and strong stainless steel, complete with a finely-carved rotatable crown, while the glass screen heightens the immersion of thebezel-less design1. This aesthetic masterpiece is accompanied by soft leather straps for premium comfort.

Stainless steel watch body
Noir leather strap

Stainless steel watch body
Brown leather strap

Crisp & Clear Ultra HD AMOLED Display

The large 1.45-inch screen of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition shows you exactly what you want, when you want it, and is visible even under bright sunlight. The ultra HD AMOLED display boasts a 70.6% screen-to-body ratio, which is among the highest for round smartwatches that are currently available.
Screen size
Screen-to-body ratio
Brightness up to
Watch Faces That Paint
a Portrait of Style
Match your mood, an outfit or occasion, with a wide selection of more than 180 stylish watch faces - all of which have a matching always-on display2. Want a more high-tech feel? Step into the future and choose from 15 animated watch faces.
Watch Faces with
Matching Always-on Displays
Watch Faces
Watch Faces
Upload your own
photos to the watch face

The Art of Health

Get the health3 data that matters to you more accurately and efficiently with the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition. The watch's advanced 6PD (six photodiodes) BioTracker™ 3.0 PPG biometric sensor can track multiple health metrics at the same time and makes more efficient use of optical light.

Test Four Health Metrics in One Tap

Welcome to smart health made easy. With the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition, you can test your heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, stress level and breathing rate in a single tap of the watch - for a result in as little as 45 seconds4. Easily understand your condition without cycling throughindividual apps.

Heart Rate


Stress Level

Breathing Rate

Take a Breath

Wearable devices don't often support monitoring of breathing rate, but it's an important health metric - with overly slow or fast breathing rates being common symptoms of various health problems. Enjoy easy one-tap measurement of this important health metric.

24-hour Monitoring of Blood-oxygen Levels

The advanced biosensor is able to automatically monitor5 your SpO2 level all day, and the watch can also send a reminder if it detects your SpO2 level is too low while in a non-sleep state. Alternatively, whenever you're having an intense day, you can easily initiate a manual SpO2 test for a result in as little as 15 seconds.

Monitor Heart Rate All Day & While Swimming

Whether you're an athlete, a professional, or someone who just wants to get more active in daily life, heart health is important. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition can monitor your heart rate6 all day, and provide alerts if it detects abnormally high or low heart rates, as well as tracking heart rate zones so you can optimize your workouts.

A Personalized Health
Assessment with PAI

The watch's PAI7 Health Assessment System gathers data from everyday actions, like cleaning the house or playing with your pet, as well as conventional health and activity metrics like heart rate and step count. All of this complex data is then converted into a single-value score that's unique to you, for an easily understandable overview of your health.

In-depth Monitoring8
of Sleep

Stressful work days or inconsistent sleep schedules can lead to poor sleep quality. With the Amazfit GTR 3 ProLimited Edition, you can check your sleep data quickly, easily, and directly on the watch screen - so there's no need to go searching through your phone when you first wake up.

Monitor Sleep Stages &
Daytime Naps

Track Sleep Breathing
Quality at Night

Suggestions for Sleep
Habit Improvements

Track Stress Levels & Menstrual Cycles

When the pressures of daily life start to pile up, or you want the comfort of having planned ahead, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition is there for you.
Set the watch to monitor stress9 levels all day.
Get alerts for abnormally high stress levels.
Perform a manual stress level test on-demand.
Prompts to open the watch's breathing exercise if high stress detected.
Record your current menstrual period.
Get predictions for upcoming menstrual & fertile periods.
Receive reminders to avoid surprises.

A Next-level Fitness Partner with 150+ Sports Modes

Whether you're a team player or prefer the focus of working out by yourself, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition is the ultimate easy-to-use sports smartwatch. With over 150 built-in sports modes* to suit your choice of activity, the watch can track metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and more.

*For the full list of built-in sports modes, see the product specifications at the end of the page.

Smart Recognition of 8 Sports

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition can intelligently recognize10 your motions and begin recording related sports data, as soon as you begin any of these eight sports:

Understand Your Workout Status with PeakBeats™

The watch is equipped with a self-developed workout status algorithm, which assesses specialized data such as maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), full recovery time, training load and training effect. Stay informed of performance aspects that can affect recovery, progress and exercise capacity, and track your performance data more professionally.

It's About the Journey, Not the Destination

The watch has a built-in barometric altimeter to help keep an eye on thealtitude and air pressure of your outdoor activities, and supports five satellite navigation systems to accurately12 track your route.

Compete Against Yourself

Bored of running alone? Race against yourself by engaging the Virtual Pacer13. The watch will display an icon to represent one of your previously-recorded runs, along with another icon to show your current performance, to give you a target to beat as you try to get better with every run.

Take a Dip with
5 ATM Water-resistance

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition has achieved a water-resistance grade of 5 ATM14, so you can enjoy the sea or take a dip in a pool without worry.

Inspired Interaction

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition brings a smooth and simple user-experience. Quickly access the data you need and conveniently transition from one feature to another, with a smartwatch that does the basics better than ever.

Experience Optimized Operation
with the Zepp OS

Easily find what you're looking for among the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition's applications thanks to the intuitive Zepp OS.

Inspired by the natural beauty of dusk and dawn, the Zepp OS has a gorgeous color scheme that reflects the charms of nature.

The low storage space requirement of the Zepp OS, combined with its smooth animations and specifically tailored UI, makes navigating to the feature you need a seamless interaction that consumes less power.

Experience a mini app framework with a rich ecosystem including 10+ mini apps and even the Home Connect and GoPro third-party apps.

Note: Developers can get in tune with their inner artist and use a web-based app developer kit to design their own watch faces and apps,
which can be uploaded for sharing.

Classic Crown
for Smooth Navigation

Are your hands wet from the rain, pool or sweat? The watch has a physical crown, elegantly crafted through refined CNC processes, for easy navigation that never gets in the way - just twist the crown to cycle through apps and features, with crisp hapticfeedback brought about by the linear motor.

Online & Offline Voice Assistants
to Liberate Your Hands

Easily set an alarm, ask a question, get a translation and more with Alexa15, which is built into the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition.
If you're out and don't have internet access, the watch also has an offline voice assistant16 for you to perform operations like engaging a sports mode or opening a health metric feature via voice command.

*Amazon, Alexa and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Lead a Limitless Lifestyle

A great smart device integrates easily into your everyday life. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition is a reliable, versatile and advanced lifestyle partner that is there for you whether you're going to work, the gym, or out with friends.

Endurance That Won't
Let You Down

If you're packing for a business trip, save space in your case and leave the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition's charger at home without worrying about the battery running out. The watch packs anextensive list of powerful features into its slim and light body, yet still has enough endurance to last for up to 12 days17 from a single full-charge with typical usage.

Typical Usage

12 days

Heavy Usage

6 days

GPS Continuous

30 hours

Battery Saver Mode

30 days

Listen to Your Music & Receive Bluetooth Calls

Through Bluetooth connection to your phone, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition can receive phone calls, and also be used to easily control the music on your phone. You can even store up to 470 songs18 on the watch for independent music playback.

Everyday Tasks, Made Easy

Check the weather, sync your mobile phone calendar to the watch, get notifications for received instant messages, and more. Make daily life more convenient with the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition.

Technical Specifications


Mystic Silver, Sleek Gold

40g (without strap)
Stainless steel


Tempered glass
Anti-fingerprint coating


440 mAh (rated value)
Magnetic charging base
Approx. 2.5 hours
Up to 12 days
Up to 30 days
Up to 6 days
Up to 30 hours


BioTracker™ 3.0 PPG biometric sensor
(supports blood-oxygen, 6PD + 1LED)
Acceleration sensor
Gyroscope sensor
Geomagnetic sensor
Barometric altimeter
Ambient light sensor
Temperature sensor
5 Satellite Positioning Systems
WLAN 2.4GHz21
Bluetooth 5.0


Noir leather
Brown leather
Quick release
Classic pin buckle


Linear motor

Packing List

Smartwatch (including standard strap), magnetic chargingbase, instruction manual

Supported Devices

Android 7.0 and above, iOS 12.0 and above


Zepp App

150+ Sports Modes

Sports Modes

Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Trail running, Indoor walking, Race walking

Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking, BMX

Pool swimming, Open water swimming, Fin swimming, Artistic swimming

Climbing, Hiking, Orienteering, Rock climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Skateboarding,Roller skating, Parkour, ATV, Offroad motorcycle

Elliptical, Rowing machine, Stair-climbing machine, Stair stepper, Spinning,Indoor fitness, Mixed aerobics, Cross-training, Aerobics, Group calisthenics,Body combat, Strength training, Step training, Core training, Flexibility training,Free training, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics, Horizontal bar, Parallel bars,Battling ropes, Stretching

Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts, Tai chi, Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate,Kickboxing, Fencing, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo

Square dance, Ballroom dance, Belly dance, Ballet, Street dance, Zumba, Latindance, Jazz dance, Hip-hop dance, Pole dance, Breaking, Folk dance, Dance,Modern dance, Disco, Tap dance

Soccer, Beach soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Baseball, Softball,Rugby, Hockey, Table tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Gateball, Cricket,Handball, Bowling, Polo, Racquetball, Billiards, Sepak takraw, Dodgeball,Water polo, Ice hockey, Shuttlecock, Indoor soccer, Footbag, Bocce ball, Pelota,Floorball

Outdoor boating, Sailing, Kayak, Rowing, Dragon boat, Paddleboarding,Indoor surfing, Tubing, Water skiing, Snorkeling

Skiing, Snowboarding, Downhill skiing, Cross-country skiing, Ski orienteering,Biathlon, Outdoor skating, Curling, Bobsleigh and Tobogganing, Sledding,Snowmobile, Snowshoeing

Hula hooping, Frisbee, Darts, Kite flying, Tug-of-war, Jianzi kicking, Esports,Air walker, Swing, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Motion sensing game

Chess, Checkers, Go, Bridge, Board game

Jumping rope, Archery, Equestrianism, Driving, Stair climbing


1. Thanks to the glass cover, the product has no obvious border on the front, bringing a "borderless" visual experience.

2. Always-on Display: When the screen is illuminated, it displays system content. When the screen is in standby mode, it displays the time. This function requires users to manually set "Always-on Display". The user can switch on or off this feature through the watch or app.

3. This product is not a medical device and cannot be used for medical purposes or as basis for diagnosis of any medical condition. Detection results are provided for reference only. Please consult professional medical institutions if you feel unwell.

4. To process the one-tap measurement, please wear the watch tightly at one finger-wi dth from the wrist, and keep your arm still for best results. Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of monitoring and measurement.

5. To measure SpO2, please wear the watch tightly at one finger-width from the wrist, and keep your arm still for best results. All-day monitoring of SpO2 needs to be enabled on the watch or in the Zepp App. SpO2 alerts are sent if the detected rate is too low compared to the preset value, which needs to be set in the Zepp App, at a minimum of 80%. Movement, and environmental and physical characteristics can affect speed and accuracy of monitoring and measurement.

6. The 24-hour heart rate monitoring feature requires the user to enable Auto Heart Rate Monitor in the Zepp App, and the minimum value can be set to 1 minute. Abnormal heart rate alerts and the preset value need to be set in the Zepp App.

7. The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that people who maintain a PAI score of 100 or higher show lower risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. HUNT Fitness Study: This study was conducted by Professor Ulrik Wisloff of the Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It lasted for more than 35 years and had more than 230,000 participants. To use this function, all-day heart rate monitoring must beenabled.

8. Sleep monitoring can record night sleep and naps that last more than 20 minutes. Sleep Breathing Quality tracking needs to be enabled in the Zepp App or in the settings of the watch's Sleep feature.

9. The 24-hour stress level monitoring needs to be enabled on the watch or in the Zepp App. Alerts for high stress levels are based on the preset value, and prompts for the breathing exercise need to be enabled on the watch.

10. The accuracy and sensitivity of the workout recognition feature varies from person to person, and are related to the posture and proficiency of the user during their workout. Short workout duration or frequent changes in posture may not trigger the automatic recognition feature. When you are driving a car or taking a bus, or taking part in other such activities, accidental recognition may be triggered if these activities are particularly similar to the selected workout mode. When you are conducting outdoor activities, if the GPS signal is poor or the AGPS data information has not beensynchronized with the mobile phone for an extended period, these outdoor activities may be assessed as indoor activities.

11. Swimming Stroke Recognition includes: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly-stroke, Backstroke, and Medley.

12. Indoor positioning services are not supported. Positioning speed and accuracy may be affected by the surrounding environment. The watch can automatically connect to up to two satellite systems at a time, and specific satellite connections may depend on your location.automatically connect to up to two satellite systems at a time, and specific satellite connections may depend on your location.

13. Virtual Pacer is only compatible with Outdoor Running and Treadmill sports modes.

14. According to the ISO 22810-2010 standard, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition achieves a rating of 5 ATM, for a water-resistance of up to 50 meters, and is therefore suitable for splashes, snow, showering, or swimming. It has passed third-party testing conducted by SGS, and the report number is SHES220100053701. Remove the watch when taking a hot shower or trip to the sauna, since too much steam can affect the seal and make it less water-resistant in future. Do not wear the watch with a leather or metal strap when swimming - when preparing to swim, change to afluoroelastomer strap or other suitable type. For more information, please visit the support page at:

15. To see the full list of 15 countries/regions and 14 languages supported, as well as how to activate and use Alexa on your Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Limited Edition, please visit

16. Offline voice assistant only supports Chinese, English, Spanish and German voice commands.

17. The battery life may vary according to the settings, operation conditions and other factors. So the actual result may differ from the laboratorydata.Typical usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 10-minute intervals, sleep monitoring enabled; 200 pushed messages a day; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times; Bluetooth calls for 15 minutes and music playback for 30 minutes per week; test blood-oxygen 5 times per day; bright screen operations for 5 minutes; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time, GPS running for 30 minutes; voice assistant turned off.Battery Saver Mode: Engage the Battery Saver Mode on the watch, which turns off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate and other functions, and only records steps and basic sleep information.Heavy usage scenario: Heart rate monitoring is always on and measures at 1-minute intervals, sleep monitoring and sleep breathing quality monitoring and stress monitoring enabled; 150 pushed messages a day lighting up the screen display; raise wrist to see watch time 100 times; Bluetooth calls for 60 minutes and music playback for 60 minutes per week; test blood-oxygen 5 times per day; offline voice assistant turned on; bright screen operations 15 minutes; exercise 3 times a week, GPS running for 30 minutes; voice assistant turned on.GPS continuous usage time of 30 hours: Turn on heart rate monitoring and GPS, use the GPS to map your workouts.

18. The maximum storage space for music is 2.3GB (due to the system space occupied, the actual space used by the user may be less than 2.3GB); based on 5-10MB per song, it can store up to 270-470 MP3 songs.

19. The automatic lock feature needs to be set manually in the watch settings.

20. The built-in sensor of the watch measures the temperature of the contact area. In order to obtain a more accurate temperature value, please allow the watch to continue measuring the contact area for more than 15 minutes. Place the watch in the air to measure the current ambient temperature, or wear the watch on the wrist to measure the wrist-skin temperature. The wrist-skin temperature is easily affected by external conditions such as the environment and is different from body temperature. The measurement results are for reference only, not for medical purposes; wrist-skin and theenvironment temperature cannot be measured at the same time, only separately.

21. Wi-Fi can only be used for music transfer from your smartphone to the watch.


The product images and screen content shown above are for reference purpose only. The actual product (including but not limited to its appearance, color and size) and screen display content (including but not limited to the background, UI and graphics) may differ slightly.

The data that is provided on this page without a specified source is taken from internal laboratories or supplier data, and has been obtained under a specific test environment. The product's actual performance may differ slightly due to product individual differences, software versions, usage conditions and environmental factors.

To provide product information, specifications and characteristics as accurately as possible, our company may adjust and revise the text descriptions, images and other content in the above pages at any time. Due to real-time changes in product batches and production-supply factors, we may modify the above information as required without providing a special notice.

The radio waves generated by the equipment may affect the normal operation of implanted medical equipment or personal medical equipment, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. If you use these devices, please consult their manufacturers for restrictions on using this device.

The product should not be worn in environments with strong magnetic fields such as MRI machines or medical imaging machines, as they may cause damage to the watch.

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Kirk S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good but not great!

Watch looks great, operates well but is heavily affected by water. What o mean is that of your normal screen happens to be on, any splash of water will start to scroll/activate functions. This is frustrating and when I messaged Zepp (Not Amazon as they do NOT own this anymore!!) I was just told "It doesn't work in water". Not helpful in the slightest and it really should freak out and start all kinds of functions just because I'm in water!!

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