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Amazfit Becomes the First to Fully Integrate AI into Smartwatches

by Ana zhou on
Integrate AI into Smartwatches

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Zepp OS 3.5, the latest iteration of the operating system (OS) supported by Amazfit smartwatches, became the first wearable OS in the world to fully integrate AI. Our flagship lifestyle watch, the Amazfit Balance, was the first to receive the update to Zepp OS 3.5 - with the key update being the addition of Zepp Flow™.

What is Zepp Flow™ you might ask? Well, it's a highly advanced AI assistant that was developed using ChatGPT's portal, in a similar way to the AI chatbots found in our Zepp Aura and Zepp Fitness services. Though, Zepp Flow™ is a much more comprehensive feature, granting you full control of your watch with just your voice. Whether you want to find a specific feature, or reply to an instant message synced from your phone, all you have to do is hold the watch's crown for a moment and then tell Zepp Flow™ what you need.

With Zepp Flow™, it's clear that AI presents unprecedented opportunities to streamline your daily life, with enhanced personalization, coaching, productivity, and ease of use. And depending on the complexity of your command, Zepp Flow™ will use the most suitable large language model to provide services according to user requests, including GPT4s.

With the use of ChatGPT's portal, Zepp Flow™, along with Zepp Aura and Zepp Fitness AI chatbots, presents an exciting way of keeping innovation and personalization at the forefront of your active lifestyle, with targeted recommendations that are tailored for you based on your data. And when paired with the Amazfit Balance, these features offer a convenient way to assist you during activities, perform a broad spectrum of tasks, and generally make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Another exciting feature supported by the Amazfit Balance is Zepp Coach™, an AI-powered coaching algorithm that offers tailored guidance to help you train and recover smarter. It generates personalized exercise plans based on your exercise level and physical characteristics, while monitoring your condition in order to provide guidance that can help reduce the risk of fatigue and injuries.

While Zepp Flow™ was first introduced onto the Amazfit Balance, we've been working hard to bring it to our other smartwatches, too. In fact, the Amazfit Active received the update to Zepp OS 3.5 just a short time ago, and it too now supports Zepp Flow™. Our sports and outdoor watches, including the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, Amazfit Cheetah series, and Amazfit Falcon, will also be receiving the same update in the coming weeks, bringing the power and efficiency of true AI integration to a huge range of Amazfit smartwatch users.
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